Are you a Savvy Salesman who wants to capitalize on the Electric Vehicle revolution?

Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers for Businesses: Attract EV drivers to your businesses and sell them charging time. Write to to see what benefits await multi-station owners.

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A Quick Breakdown Of Our

"Electric Vehicle Charging Station Formula"

" The Secret Most Salesmen Ignore Which Increases Conversions By

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Meet The Core Sales Team

Asad Z - Chief Marketing Officer

Asad has a strong background in small business development and enterprise-level marketing. In addition to starting numerous businesses of his own, he's played a pivotal role in scaling multiple businesses around the world utilizing highly effective growth marketing strategies.

Montavious S- Senior Sales Consultant

Montavious has been a Project Manager for three start-ups. He brings organization to a whole new level with meticulous attention to detail with respect to daily operations and client fulfilment. He's here to make sure things run smoothly and does a tremendous job doing so.

Josef K - Founder

Josef is a maverick of entrepreneurship. He believes in building something every day which progresses toward the goal. The goal has changed focus from sustainable business development to enabling others to remove their own shackles, but the premise has remained the same - helping others to help themselves.

What our friends are saying..

What our partners are saying..

Nick M.

"The conveyor belt sales and franchise model JUST MAKES SENSE. An ingenious formulation of concepts which is both simple and powerful. Eureka!" 



"When we installed the very first WeCharg Station in 2017, we never expected the explosive growth which would accompany the electric vehicle charging market and unlock the massive potential of more foot traffic and more revenue streams. A turn-key business model that I was able to simply add-on to my existing business!


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